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Recover a Lost or Missing Commit in Git

If you have ever lost a commit in Git, don't worry there might be still a chance to recover it. For example I encountered a problem with Git, when I was pushing my commit to the remote server. For some reason my Git client had some error when sending the commit to the remote server. […]

How to install Unity game engine and Rider IDE in Pop OS / Ubuntu

This is a quick guide how to install Unity game engine and Jetbrain's Rider IDE and necessary dependencies. First we will start from installing Mono (the open source implementation of .NET framework), as otherwise the Rider can't work correctly. The installation process differs a bit from which Linux distro you are using and which version. […]

Set double-click a ZIP archive file to automatically extract/unzip it in Windows 10

If you are for example a long time user of a Mac, then you have probably got used extracting/unzipping ZIP-files (or RAR-files or other archive packages files) by just double-clicking the file. But in Windows, if you double-click an ZIP file, you will open an extract dialog window, where you have to confirm where you […]

How to use package manager Winget, Apt or Homebrew

In this article I will quickly tell what a package manager is and list common package manager commands that you can use with Winget on Windows, Apt (Apt-Get) on Linux and Homebrew on Mac (an unofficial package manager for Mac). I won't go through in-depth the differences of the different package manager and how they […]

Resizing your virtual machine's IMG virtual disk image

I recently wrote a guide about how to create your own VM under PopOS. In that guide, we created a virtual disk image (IMG) for the VM to install the Windows 10 on it. But if you later felt that maybe the virtual disk was too small, you can easily resize the virtual disk with […]

Windows 10 virtual machine on PopOS 20.04 with GPU passthrough

In this guide I will go through how I got Windows 10 to run on a virtual machine under PopOS 20.04 with GPU passthrough. I will passthrough a Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU on the first PCI-e slot of the motherboard to Windows 10. Here's the whole specs of my system: AMD Ryzen 3950X (later updated […]

Prevent SSH session to a server from disconnecting

If you need to connect for example to a web server by using SSH, you might have encountered that sometimes the SSH session becomes unresponsive, because the connection has timed out and disconnected. This migth happen, if you haven't typed anything in the terminal in a while (for example you reading some documentation at the […]

Customizing your bash shell for better reading experience in terminal

Customizing: If you are using a lot of  terminal / command line and bash shell, you might have experiences that some times it is bit difficult to read the terminal. For example in cases that you have long lists of texts and you print those lists several times, you might lose track, when one list […]